Subject: Portugal
Hi ,Ross I guess you are in the right track.You can add to your expectations, delicious food, fantastic pastries, great fish,....and also fine architecture- being the

Manueline uniquely Portuguese and art. And also, which I am sure is a plus, not expensive.

Portugal also offers sandy beaches, unique handcrafts, spectacular country Fairs, like the one in Ponte de Lima ( once o month) I am not an expert in Portugal but I can tell you that the Pousadas, In my opinion, not as good as their Spanish counter part, are nonetheless very nice places go stay, often they are located in old castles, monasteries and the like.

Portugal also offers many Spas I understand that as in Spain there are great ,....... We recently returned from one in Spain and to stay in one during your honeymoon between hotels seems to be a great idea. In Spain it was very very reasonable and excellent, I am sure it will be similar in Portugal.)

The List of Places to visit can be obtained in any guide book, I personally liked very much besides Lisbon and Sintra, Evora, Tomar,Porto, Coimbra, Guimaraes the mentioned Ponte de Lima, a jewel of a little town , and we happened to be in town the day of the big Fair.

Don and Linda have a very nice Travelogue that helped us a lot in preparing our trip.

Good Luck and Happy honeymoon, yes , indeed you are in the right track.

Graziella Miami Beach.