Subject: Re: Campania restaurant recommendations
Here is a list of restaurants I compiled for our trip to Campania several years ago. The comments are from the source, not mine.

On Capri we ate at the truly wonderful Da Eduardo. Everything is raised (chickens/ rabbits) or grown on the hilly site, including the wine. The food is wonderful. A casual place with a long, but very enjoyable walk.

Also at Amalfi, go up to the Hotel Cappuccini for lunch. Park in the little lot just before the tunnel East of town and take the rickety elevator way up on the mountain to the beautiful old monastery where lunch is served in a dining room with a logia hanging with bougainvillea and the most stunning view in Amalfi.



La Savardina (Da Edwardo) 81/ 837-6300 Via Locapo, 8 A nice 20-25 min. walk from Capri towards Vila Jovis. Edward Tarantino is the proprietor. Several reviews describe this as being the quintessential Capri Sunday Lunch spot. The view, food and ambiance are all worth the walk.

La Capannina 81/ 837-0732 fax: 837-6990 Via le Botteghe, 14 Antonio &Aurelia de Angelis Excellent recommendations from several good sources.

Da Paolino 81/ 837-6102 Cl: Tu Nice setting under a pergola

Da Gelsomina, Migliara 81/ 837-1499 Cl: Tu Fabulous view, delicious food, molto simpatica 30 min. walk from Anacapri ¬ on the Capri Web



Da Gemma 89/ 871-345. Cl Wd Via Fra' Gerardo Cavaliere Family In every resource as the best. Simple/local food. Casual. Fish soup is well regarded.

Santa Caterina 89/ 871-012 fax:871-351 Strada Amalfitana 9 4 Star hotel for elegant lunch or dinner. Glass elevator descends though succession of gorgeous gardens to pool-side restaurant. Excellent food.


La Canonica Antonio Pentangelo Lettere is a small village inland above Castellammare. Burton Anderson rates it well. Pentangelo serves his own wine.

Masa Lubrense

Antico Franceschiello (Da Peppino) 81/ 533-9780 Cl Wd Via Partenope 27 Romantic garden overlooking the bay


Spiaggetta di Laurito (Da Adolfo) 89/ 875-022 To get away from tourists, take the row boat at the harbor beach with the Da Adolfo sign to be rowed down the coast a bit to an enclave where Roman 60s artists hang out. Very chic. Swim or sun on the rocks and get some good food.


Caruso Belvedere Hotel 89/ 857-111 Very elegant.

Hotel Palumbo 89/ 857-2444 Luxury. Pictures look smashing.

Trattoria Cumpa' Cosino 89/ 857-156 Cl Mo Via Roma 42 Netta Buttone One of my favorite restaurants in Italy. Italy for the Gourmet Traveler


Excelsior Vittoria 81/ 807-1044 fax: 877-1206 Piazza Tasso, 34 Old, elegant but unpretentious, nostalgic, first-class but not luxury hotel. Attracts sort who couldn't care less about being seen in the most expensive places. Understated chic. Excellent food. Grand setting.


Gran Caff╦ Gambrinus Via Chiaia, 1/2 The most famous caff╦ in Napoli, perhaps off of Southern Italy. Founded 1860.

Pasticceria Pintauro Voa Roma, 275 Cl: Tu Near funicular. The destination spot for sfogiatelle.

Antica Pizzeria Brandi Salita Santa Anna di Palazzo, 1-2 Cl: Mo (Just off Via Chiaia) Originated Pizza Margherita

Ciro a Santa Brigida 81/ 552-4072 Cl: Su Via Santa Brigida, 73 Near Teatro S. Carlo &Galleria Definitive pizza; rest is also excellent.

Restaurante Mimi alla Ferrovia 81/ 553-8525 Cl: Su Via Alfonso d'Aragono, 21 (Near the central RR Station) In every guide as excellent. Classical Neopolitan.

Maria degli Angeli in Quartiere San Ferdinando Cl Su What you would imagine a small Neapolitan eatery to be like. 6 tables.

Osteria Donna Teresa 81/ 556-7070 CL: Su Anna &Gigione, molto picolo, very inexpensive, superb food

La Sacrestia ** 81/ 664-186 Cl: We Via Orzzio, 116 Naples most famous, and deserves the reputation. Elevato. Even in Guida.

Il Prago 81/ 403-692 Cl: Mo Riviera di Chiaia, 270 Modesto, in Guida: Tutto fatto in casa

Il Gallo Nero 81/ 643-012 Cl: Mo. Only dinner &Sunday brunch Via Tsso, 466 Splendid villa w/ terrace &garden &vista. In Guida.

Masaniello ** 81/ 552-8863 Cl: Su Via Donnalbina, 28 Small, one of the best in the center.

Trianon Via P. Colletta, 46 Cl: Su Most popular pizzeria in Napoli; always packed.

Umberto 81/418-555 Cl: We Via Alabardieri, 30/31 Simple. All intellectuals with a little money in the their pockets, very beautiful ideas in their heads, and big appetites.