Subject: Paris Restaurants
Joanne et al, I'm also from Boston, and just got back from Paris. The food is wonderful. In addition to going to restaurants, be sure to visit fromageries (for cheese), boulangeries (for bread), and patisseries (for pastries). Not only are the shops great, but the prices are amazingly low, due to the exchange rate.

I ate at Les Bookinistes about 10 days ago and had an excellent meal. If you're a foodie like me, I strongly recommend the tomato soup with anchovy, and the ground hare, if they're still offering them. (Then step out and walk along the Seine . . . )

Other recommendations: - For a very good, very inexpensive meal: L'Ardoise. - Excellent tasting menu at Helene Darroze. (Not cheap. Very good service -- didn't see any of the problems a few guidebooks have mentioned.) - And for one extraordinary, inventive but very expensive experience: Pierre Gagnaire.

(Dress up for Darroze and Gagnaire.)

One other ingestion-related tip: There are, as far as we could tell, no water bubblers in Paris. Not in the parks, not in the museums. So carry a water bottle and fill it each morning.

Bon appetit!

- Rich