Subject: Italy trip report
Greetings, Ziners - We're back from our first trip to Italy and had a wonderful time. Thanks again to all of you who gave helpful advice; truly the planning paid off. All our email postcards are now up on the web and constitute a travelogue of sorts - you can read them at (start at the bottom!). Eventually I hope to do a web page album, but knowing me that will take a while ...

Some more observations: - Our flight on KLM was very satisfactory - friendly service and good food (for an airplane, anyway). - We are SO glad we packed light in bags that converted to backpacks; I'm refining my packing guideline - It all has to fit in a carry-on size bag - to include I also have to be able to lift it over my head without help. The luggage racks in trains are overhead. - Guide books that proved particularly useful: Rick Steves' Italy and Rome; Walking and Eating in Tuscany and Umbria (I'll use it even more next time!); DK Italy and Florence and Tuscany, Hello Italy, Hotels for Two Under $99 per Night. The tip to only carry necessary portions of guidebooks, or photocopied pages, was a good one. - Ziploc bags are wonderful. - Quick-drying clothes make doing your own laundry SO much easier. Will be sending some hotel recommendations to the database soon.

Ciao! Cindy in Toccoa, GA