Subject: New Mexico and Colorado
Hi Sandie, This area has been discussed several times over the years. So, a search on the Travelzine archives would be a great start. Go to Once your there you can do a search with a number of terms, such as, Santa Fe, Taos, Colorado, etc.

I tried it out and actually came up with a posting you had made back in 1999 when you were traveling to New Mexico and Las Vegas. Try it out it's a great resource.

I don't think there is much on Durango and I can help regarding that. My brother has lived there for over 20 years and I lived there for approximately 4 years in the '80's.

The trip on the train to Silverton is a full day excursion. You'll probably be pretty tired that evening. Something simple for dinner would probably be in order. I'd recommend the Olde Tymer's Cafe on Main and about 10th. Good burgers, sandwiches, green chile, etc.

On the day without the train trip I'd suggest a hike. One that starts in town and rises to a wonderful view of the Animas Valley is to the top of Animas Mountain. Some wonderful viewpoints up that way. Not uncommon to see golden eagles. Two other hikes which are north of the city up near the ski area (Purgatory) are the hike up Needles Creek (behind the Needles General Store) to the Castle of Hermosa Cliffs. A spectacular view to the east and the Weminuche wilderness plus being able to dangle your toes over a 700 ft. precipice are your rewards at the end of this hike. A small warning: two years ago in December we hiked this path on consecutive days. The first day my brother split off from me at the top and skied his way over to the ski area. As my dog and I made our way back down the snowy trail she seemed somewhat agitated. The next day my wife, the dogs and I returned up the path. I discovered some easily identifiable lion tracks following my tracks from the night before. If the lion was, indeed, stalking me that would definitely explain my dogs excited state.

The final and most challenging hike would be to the top of Engineer Mt. which is located just to the north of the ski area adjacent to Molas Pass. This is a great hike which summits out at just 12 ft. short of 13,000 ft. Not too difficult but some dangerous exposure is experienced at the very top. Not for anybody afraid of heights. Also, one must be wary of lightning when hiking at this elevation.

If these interest you stop in at Pine Needle Mountaineering at the Main Street Mall. Hopefully they would be helpful. Or try some of the other mountaineering shops along Main. John Rule San Diego, CA