Subject: Buffalo and Niagara Falls
Hi Carol,

Just yesterday, returning from our trip to the Boston area and Cape Cod (where we enjoyed getting together with Ziners from Switzerland, Virginia, Providence, Carlisle, Newton, Wellesley, Needham, etc.), we crossed into Canada at the Peace Bridge and used the Niagara River Road to travel up to the Falls. This approach is so much nicer than the usual Rainbow Bridge access - much less commercial. You may be interested in knowing that the Sheraton overlooking the Falls has free outdoor parking (stop in for a cold drink to keep from feeling too guilty). If it is sunny, cross the street and you'll be able to count on seeing a rainbow above the Falls in the late afternoon from that vantage point. Access to the QEW is easy from there and you can go to Niagara-On-The-Lake if the road, if you have the time. It's touristy but probably interesting to someone from abroad. Enjoy your trip.

Regards, Don and Linda