Subject: New Mexico
Sandy, I think you need to plan a second trip to New Mexico alone! I can't say enough good things about the B&B I mention below. In addition, if you have any fear of heights, walking to the middle of the Rio Grande Gorge bridge may do you in! It was cold and windy the day I was there and I thought I was going to become part of the flotsom and jetsan in the river below! I couldn't even get a photo because it was so difficult to keep my balance. Have a wonderful time - it's hard not to.

Post(from a year ago): I spent a far-too-short 9 days in NM in October. We missed seeing several of the top sites on my research list. We stayed at the Crystal Mesa Farm , a 2,000 acre farm/B&B, just 20 mins south of Sante Fe. Every corner is a delight to the eye. (I am a painter.) With the interstate nearby and a 70 mph speed limit, we were less than 30 mins. north of Albuquerque (for the Balloon Fiesta) and the Sandia tramway to the mountain top. The main house is used strictly for guests, and you can pretend you are the owner. The real owners are a soap opera star (All My Children's Walt Wiley), his wife, young children and in-laws. Grandmother Marie (and sometimes wife Marie) will regale you with tales of running a B&B over delicious breakfasts. The sunsets from the deck are stupendous. The solitude marvelous after a long day on the road. One day we drove the high road to Taos, not arriving until after 3 p.m. But you must stop along the way, esp. at Chimayo to see the Sanctuary and visit the multiple weaving studios; dinner at the local highly rated restaurant is also a must. There are also towns with metal artisans, but we hadn't done our homework and missed them. We also visited the Abiquiu home/studio of Georgia O'Keefe (reservations must be made months in advance); continue west from Abiquiu to at least Ghost Ranch. The terrain changes drastically and is stunning. We did not continue west to Chaco; out of time. Didn't get to Bandelier either. Did return to Taos by the direct highway to see the Pueblo ($10 per person entry; $10 per camera (if you own more than one, that's per camera!) It is commercial, but is the prototype of a pueblo. I might skip it for one of the other tribal sites; should have done Bandelier. Don't miss the church at Rancho de Taos (just before Taos itself) which was the subject of many O'Keefe paintings. Just up the road from the Crystal Mesa is a side road to the studio/foundry of the deceased Native American sculptor, Allan Houser, whose works are in Sante Fe at the museum. Tours by appointment. There is a funky fun flea market just northwest of Sante Fe on weekends, just past the exit to the opera. Look for a rodeo; again we missed it because of lack of time. See Madrid, a post-hippie art colony town on the Turquoise Trail south of Sante Fe. We found any drive in any direction led us to something interesting. We also did a Southwestern cooking class at the Sante Fe Cooking School, on the main street in Sante Fe. And by all means do your homework on the web. Crystal Mesa site has a good number of links. I am ready to return!! Beth