Subject: Greece-Turkey-Egypt
Hello Ziners,

George and I are back from our 2 week extravaganza. It will be hard to top sitting poolside in Cairo, drinking a beer while gazing at the Pyramids in Giza. They are quite a sight. So was the sound and light show.

The country itself was disappointing. They are very poor and although our guide stressed how happy the farmers were to live they way they did, we found it hard to believe they enjoyed living in what appeared to us to be squalor. Traffic was interesting too. Cars buses, donkeys and horses using the same roads without traffic lights made us happy we were not driving. A barge ride down the Nile made me feel like Cleopatra!

Turkey was delightful!!. We will return and explore more of it in the future. Istanbul and Kusadaki were our only stops here but other sights looked intriguing.

In Greece we have always felt at home. George speaking the language helps, but they are such a friendly people. There are so many islands to visit too!!

The cruise ship Royal Olympic Voyager, on its second year at sea, was a great choice. It is the fastest cruise ship which is how it got to go to three continents in one week.

I'll catch up on the threads I missed in the last couple of weeks.

Yasso! Marta &George Sunrise FL