Subject: Powells in Portland for books I manage several bookshops in Australia, and occasionally, we need to source books from the U.S. In particular, I buy many, many books for myself (fiction and travel books). We have used almost every intenet provider in the U.S. over the last three years, and now I almost exclusively use Powells in Portland. They have a chain of bookshops that stock new and second hand books. When you get into their site, note that there is almost always a button indicating that there are second hand copies available, and more often than not, if you look up a specific title, it lists on the right hand side, each of the individual copies available (new, second hand, cloth paper etc). They also offer to supply all orders of $us50 freight free anywhere in the world. If anyone knows any better bookshop, I'd love to hear about them. cheers Gavin (Sydney, Australia)