Subject: Customs in USA now.
Hi, I just got back from Budapest. I was there a month. Any questions ask away. PLEASE IF YOU BRING IN ANYTHING NOW THAT MUST BE CLAIMED, WHAT EVER YOU DO, MAKE SURE TO BE HONEST AND DO IT! Hard cheese was fine to bring in, but people and their luggage where being thoroughly checked! They mark your suit cases! On the spot where they detect food or what ever. This was the first time this ever happened to me in all my years of traveling. But I showed the man my paper fast and pulled out the cheese to show him I did claim it. I was the only one that they let go without ripping through their stuff! It was a big cheese too. We will enjoy it! Chocolate was fine too. SEEDS OF ANY KIND, PAPRIKA AND ANY SEASONING, MEAT AND MEAT PRODUCT, ALL OF THESE ARE A NO NO. IF you go to Slovakia, you will be searched period!! Mad cow is there now too. Even if the dogs just walk by you. I never saw so many dogs in my life as I did at Logan today. I hear New York is doing the same too. There were at least 75 people on my Airplane that were pulled aside to have their things gone through. I am so glad I did claim the things I was unsure of. I felt bad for everyone else. They asked you right up front do you have anything to declare. I hope to hear from someone at travelzine. I did have a blast in Hungary. Alice The Magyar.