Subject: LuLu's in San Francisco/Travel Guides
I recently returned from my trip to San Francisco to attend the annual meeting of the American Library Assoc. and want to report back that we did get to eat at LuLu's, which was a fabulous experience. Thanks to all of you who suggested this restaurant to me. They were featuring morels that night, so we had a salmon special on a bed of sauce made with morels and leeks. Divine! And, ordered a small side pizza with morels on it. Great too! The restaurant was so close to the Moscone Center and within walking distance from our very nice hotel (Moticello Inn Hotel), which was on Ellis St.

About guide books. There has been much disscussion about this topic and I would like to add some information perhaps of interest to most of you. Being an avid traveler like you and always on the lookout for good travel guides before I depart for my next destination, I'd like to encourage you to do some searching at your libraries and at online stores such as because the selection of books available is far superior to the few you are offered in most book stores. Stores definitely will order your selections if they don't (and probably won't) have them. I know there are stunning guidebooks out there that aren't among the handful of regulars that get on the shelves because certain companies have large kudzu-like distribution arms. Joan Peterson