Subject: Expats, customs
On the subject of US Customs, I heard a rather startling story from my brother, who recently returned from a trip to Switzerland/Germany. He's an avid wine drinker, and usually purchases by the case, when he finds a well priced and delightful wine to his taste. He has friends in Germany, who warehouse his purchases, and from which he draws when on the Continent. However, during this past trip, he decided to bring back some of his new purchases. Having gone through US Customs in the past, the drill was familiar. However, he informed me that the agents made it very clear that they were enforcing the one gallon - duty free/ three gallon maximum - regulations. My brother asked what the duty charge would be over three gallons, and was informed, anything OVER three gallons was confiscated and sold at auction at a later date. Of course, if one has their purchases shipped, this rule does not apply - only to the wine brought back with him.

Just thought that you might like to know about this limit. Roy, Wanda and Dena Faires San Rafael, California