Subject: Spanish guide book for hotels/restaurants
Hi Graciela, maybe not the best one (I don´t think you can find the perfect guide book, it depends on so many things...), but I truly recommend a book by a small editor, Taller de Editores. It is called Pequeños hoteles con estilo. I used to cut the descriptions on the sunday supplement of our local newspaper, and this year they have decided to bring out this book. They have everything, from places like Casa de Carmona (their favourite) to small agriturismos. You can find it in the Casa del Libro online shop :

There are other interesting guides, such as the Campsa guide, and you could check it on-line :

Also, the series of Pequeños ... con encanto (Charming little ...) from El Pais - Aguilar is interesting, although sometimes is too detailed (hotels for children, in fishing villages, small mountain villages, travelling with animals... whatever you want). You should be able to find them in

The number of spanish guidebooks has been increasing in the last 5 years, but sometimes I think that we are lacking something similar to the green and red Michelin guides, probably some of the best all- purpose guides in Europe. Rgds, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)