Subject: Re: Re: American Expats on this List
I live in Solihull, a suburb of Birmingham England. In 1970 I was working in New York City and took a couple of weeks off (rare thing for me) to come to Europe to see Britain and visit my brother who was in the Army in Germany. While in London I had dinner with the brother of a friend at work, and told him I planned to go back to NYC, work 6 months and then move -- anywhere so long as it wasn't NYC and had better weather. He suggested London, I got a job within a couple of days, went to see my brother to wait for the visa, and didn't go back to the US for about 3 years, leaving my Brooklyn flat behind!

In about 1975 I applied for UK citizenship. Got it, and then got a letter from the US Embassy saying the Home Office had informed them of my new citizenship and could I please return my passport. I wrote back and said Not on your Nellie, I never gave up my US citizenship, I just took out UK.

Then years later I was listening to the radio and they mentioned that the pilot of the shuttle Columbia on that launch also had Irish citizenship. I was on the phone at once to my Dad who worked in Inland Revenue in DC, who found out that the Cold War Act which had taken away my citizenship had been found unconstitutional in the Supreme Court.

The US Embassy was very cooperative, especially once they found my letter, and I got back my passport and got passports for my two children.

I'll probably never go back permanently, but that's mainly because of health insurance! I can go back for chunks of a few weeks and be covered by travel insurance, but anything longer would cost the earth to insure.


Doug Weller Birmingham, England