Subject: Travel books
This may have been mentioned before (please forgive me if it has), but Without Reservations, The Travels of an Independent Woman, by Alice Steinbach is quite lovely and I believe she based it on the postcards she sent home to herself while on her journey in Europe. There's a picture of a postcard and the note she wrote to herself at the beginning of each chapter.

And, just a short comment on travel books. For those that have easy access to a library, check there first. It doesn't matter if it is brand new as what you're looking for is a book that covers what you like. We have a little book on the northern CA coast that I use all the time: good, affordable restaurants and lodging (actually, we use the CA Dog Lover's Companion for lodging as Sunny flies with us to CA), book stores and the best of the area's day hikes. Perfect! My only complaint is that it is now two years old and I've yet to see any indication of an updated edition (they normally run two years apart).

Since our first ever trip to Europe was last year, we like Rick Steves. Other folks don't. Different books for different folks and no better place to narrow down your choices than the library!

Cheers to all,