Subject: Re:: Pacific Coast Highway
Hi Sally, If you have never seen a Redwood tree you ought to visit Big Sur, its just south of Carmel. The Big Sur coast is very dramatic, with waterfalls flowing right into the ocean from high cliffs. I agree that Carmel and Monterey would both be ideal bases for exploration. There are 3 very nice California Missions in the Area, a national park ( pinnicles) and lots of State parks. If you like caving, there are some at Pinnicles NM that are great for kids. Here are some links to bay area backroads regarding this area:

Big Sur Road trip:

Backside of Big Sur:

Mission San Juan Bautista

Big Sur travel guide:

Ventana Wilderness

Hollister and Pinnicles National Monument: And


Santa Cruz Roadtrip:

Big Basin, Forest of Nisene Marks, Seacliff State Beach

Central coast tourism:

Hope this helps!

Amelia in Los Angeles