Subject: Re: Train Gas bandits?
Hi Amelia,

Undoubtedly such things have happened and quickly proliferate more as legend than as method of thievery. I have, quite literally, spent hundreds of hours on trains in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary and have never felt threatened in any way. (Once in Poland my colleague had his boots held for ransom. He awoke and they were gone. A man came in a said he would return them for $10. Dave needed boots so he paid and they were returned.)

If you are concerned and are traveling on a night train in the Czech Republic you might want to consider a 1st (2 beds) or 2nd (3 beds) class sleeper as the doors lock.

The only time a heard a story, which was not anecdotal, about a robbery which might have involved gas was in Italy. My friend slept with his backpack between himself and the wall and the straps attached to part of the bed. He woke and it was gone. It is his theory that he must have been gassed or something as he can't imagine someone getting it without waking him. Although he could have been very tired.

Fortunately like all good travellers he had money and papers in his money belt and they didn't get that. He spent the next four weeks travelling with only the few things he bought and likely enjoyed himself more without a huge bag.