Subject: Rome Visited
Bonjourno Ziners,

Memoirs from was a fun trip and I thoroughly enjoyed Rome.  How wonderful it is to experience history through one's senses!  The food and vino, the ruins of ancient Rome, Cesars Rome and the Vatican City, the Colosseum, the wonderful people, planes/trains/subways/buses and on foot.

The first night I found myself walking around just taking it all in when I happened upon yet another lively square with a fountain, or piazza as they call it.  But this one was even more special as I noticed on one side set the Pantheon.  I sat on the sidewalk of a little cafe and enjoyed my four course meal watching the people, listening to the strolling muscians all with the backdrop of the Pantheon. I met a delightful couple vacationing from Belgium and later an older couple from Coppenhagen. We shared conversation and laughter during our long and unhurried meal.

What a wonderful first night introduction to Rome, don't you think?

Although my 3 1/2 day visit was short,  every moment was special and breathtaking.  And yes I did throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain to ensure my return to Rome!

Ciao, Debbie