Subject: Train Gas Bandits
Amelia in LA - I tried to find the article you mentioned about bandits that gas people in trains and rob them in the Czech Republic, but didn't really browse through every comment on that website - many were wild, while others quite humorous. I think you always need to take things like that with a grain of salt - it's usually just one of those stories that gets bigger and bigger as it makes it's way around.

Every few weeks, one of my Italian friends here tells me how I should be careful because someone was gassed and robbed in their home at night. When I ask them WHO it was, nobody can ever tell me actually who the person was - they had just heard the story.

One amusing post in that site did say - I heard this story from a tourist in Rome who bought a painting from a gift shop. She had seen the price, and checked to make sure the number was the same, but did not notice that the charge had been made in Euros. Be careful. Euros are significantly more valuable than nearly every country's currency.

Oh if that were only true - I'd love to get several 100,000 Euros in change rather than Lire.

Enjoy your trip Bill Sutherland Montefollonico, Italy