Subject: Buffalo/Niagara Falls
Thanks for the info provided for my trip to Buffalo. We had a wonderful time. We visited the Butterfly conservatory and that was a lot of fun for our 17-year old German exchange student. She was so thrilled to have a butterfly land on her and stay on her shoulder for a long time. We spent a lot of time by the Canadian Falls, driving up the Niagara River from the Peace Bridge. We also went back the same way. We walked all through the town there on the Canadian side and then drove up to Niagara on the Lake. Another day we drove to the American side but parked at Goat Island and I thought it was much nicer there than going to where all the tourists are on the American side. We just walked the entire island and went to the 3 Sisters Island and Luna Island and got some wonderful views of the Falls and rapids. No matter how many times I've seen the Falls, it's always awesome. One day we drove to Wyoming, NY and it's a little gaslight town, very interesting. We ate at the Inn there and the food was good and very reasonable. We also went to East Aurora, NY and ate at the Inn near there and walked around the town. Had a great time up there. Summer is definitely the time to go there though. Last time I was there in Oct and the time before it was after a March blizzard. The Falls was beautiful then but so cold, one thing about going after a blizzard is that you have the town to yourself pretty much. Carol Mueller in San Antonio, TX