Subject: Re: Driving the Amalfi coast

Several years ago Sarah and I drove from Rome through Naples and down the Amalfi coast. We stayed in Capri, Positano and a couple fo other smaller towns. We loved the drive, but I am from California and live driving in Big Sur. This is not highway driving, but the scenery is spectacular. In Positano our hotel was very nice about putting our car away for a few days.

We love to drive everywhere because we can see and do so much that we would otherwise miss. We stop and buy bread, cheese, crafts. Journey to wineries, try olive oil. Stay as long or as short as we want. Pull into an interesting hotel or skip a town and drive on. Had we not had a car in Deruta, we never would have bought the beautiful plates we have. I guess for us, the driving is a large part of the adventure. Plus, driving skills honed in Italy have been valuable here in San Miguel.

Ed in San Miguel