Subject: Portugal questions from new Ziner

I am going to Portugal in September for the first time, and someone referred me to your site. I must tell you that it is the most informative travel site I have ever seen. Very interesting, and personal.

I was hoping that you could give me some help in planning my trip.

My girlfriend and I are flying into Lisboa, and probably spending 3 nights. The hotels we are looking at are the Janelas Verdes, Hotel Britania,Lisboa Plaza, or Hotel Avenida. Any recomendations?

We are renting a car, and driving up the coast to Porto. Should we spend the night anywhere along the way, or do it in one shot? We were thinking of stopping for the night in Coimbra.

We are then off to Porto for 2-3 nights. Is this too much time for this area? We really want to see the Douro Valley, and were wondering what the best way to see it is. Should we do day trips on from Porto, or spend a night or 2 in the Valley?

We then have to drop the car in either Braga, or Viana do Castelo. (our choice, because we then go north to Galicia). Which of these 2 towns do you recommend to spend the night(s) in?

It is so tough, as i'm sure you know, to plan a trip like this. We of course want to see and do everything, but we know that is not possible. Last year we did a similar trip to the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany/Umbria, which was amazing, and we want to top it this time.

Any help you could give us would really be appreciated. I know you are quite busy.

Thank you for your time, and happy travels.