Subject: Re: Bus Tours for Seniors - Spain
Hi Vanessa, I donīt know of any specific tour for seniors, but in Madrid there are a couple of companies that offer tours to places like Segovia, Avila, El Escorial, Toledo... Iīll try to find an URL or a telephone for you. They usually put up advertisements in the hotels, so maybe you could try to call your hotel in advance and see if they could book a couple of them for you.

Also, a personal recommendation. You said that your suegra couldnīt walk long distances. In that case, I would prefer to stay at a hotel in the barrio de Salamanca or in the north of Madrid, not near the Plaza Mayor (unless, of course, you are thinking of staying at the Palace or the Ritz. Beautiful places, both of them). Mostly because the streets are wider, you donīt have a problem with a taxi stopping right at the door of your hotel... A couple of places I like (and have stayed in) in those two zones are the Hotel Orense, the NH Principe de Vergara and the NH Embajada.

Iīll post my findings.

Rgds from Covadonga Bilbao (Spain)