Subject: Suggestions needed
Hello everyone! My name is Ryan James and I would like some feedback from this group. My friend and I have decided to sell our home and most of our furnishings in California and move what we keep to New Jersey for storage where family is available. We have traveled to over 22 countries and have a lust for travel as well as cultural experiences, so we intend to spend at least one year abroad. I have a Masters in Social Work and a doctorate in International and Multicultural Education with a specialization in Second Language Acquisition and Learning and Instruction. My friend has Masters in Social Work and Theology, plus a certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the University of California, Hayward. We intended to travel and settle for three months or more in one country and teach English as the opportunities were presented. This would be to supplement our continued travel, but we have no expectations of living well off of our salaries. Just as we decided to take this trip abroad, I was offered a position at an Institute in Kazakhstan as the Coordinator of Undergraduate English Studies. After reading many things, speaking with people who have been to Kazakhstan, and e-mailing the former holder of the Coordinator position, I have doubts about the country. One of the main issues is that the visa situation is difficult. The school is willing to obtain a visa for me, since I will be working there. They are not in need of additional teachers, so are not interested in hiring my friend or obtaining the needed visa. They did recommend other schools that may be hiring, but they never responded to our e-mails. We have been to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic before on vacations and loved all three countries. Our inclination now is to head off to Poland and settle somewhere, then look for work. To avoid visa hassles, we would leave the country every 60 days or whatever the requirement is and return for the allotted time again. If this works out well, we could very easily stay abroad for more than one year. I am not going to ask specific questions as I would rather people respond open ended and without restriction to my specifics. Thank you for your time in advance. James