Subject: Pictures of GTG
I have just posted two pictures of my wife, daughter, and me taken in Trieste with Paolo Maietta along with a picture taken last year with us, Simone Reale, Marco De Angeli, and two friends (Alessandra and Paolo) in Milan.

I took the posted pictures with my digital camera but encountered mechanical problems with it towards the end of this year's trip. My daughter took pictures in Como with her film camera, but she has not yet finished the roll. We will replace the latter with one taken this year when the film is developed.

To look at the pictures, go to

This is the third GTG that we, Simone, and Marco have had, but our first meeting with Paolo Maietta. We are deeply indebted to Laurie Federgreen for having introduced us to Simone and Marco. The fact that we can get together with such lovely people who come from so far away is a pretty amazing demonstration of the power of the Internet, and, in particular, TheTravelzine.

Ira H. Bernstein, Ph. D. Professor of Psychology UT-Arlington