Ziners who purchase trip cancellation insurance might be interested in this experience.

Here's an odd interpretation of travel delay that we ran into with our trip insurance coverage this year.

Our overseas flight was delayed and we were stranded overnight at the connecting point in the US. Most insurance policies say the delay has to be 24 hours before they'll pay you for trip interruption or travel delay.

When we tried to collect on the policy for the lost day at our destination, then the 'interpretation of the rules ' became apparent. And, it depended on which claims agent you talked to.

The most interesting denial was by the agent who told us the entire airline had to be shut down for 24 hours. Not just that our flight didn't operate, but apparently ALL their flights EVERYWHERE had to cease operation.

The exact wording of the policy: Covered reasons..... C: strikes, natural disasters or bad weather resulting in COMPLETE cessation of services by an airline, cruise line, or tour operator for at least 24 consecutive hours.

What a crazy thing to put in a policy. If your flight to Paris is delayed 24 hours, what should it matter what the flight to Africa or anywhere else in the world is doing.

We had to take it to the top, but the insurance company did pay the claims.

The wording in their policy is open to interpretation, and legally, they could have refused.

We have been careful to comply with the pre-existing condition thing, and get our insurance within the prescribed 7-14 days after deposit, but I have to admit that until we tried to collect on the travel delay portion, I did not realize how tricky these policies are worded.