Subject: Re: Portugal and Spain trip
Hi Niko, Seeing that you only have 5 days to get to Oviedo, I would recommend you not to stop for a long time in Vigo, and head up to Santiago straight away. There is a motorway (sorry, itīs not toll free) that goes from Vigo to Coruņa, and it should take you around 1 hour and a half to arrive to Santiago. I would get a place in Santiago and move around to visit (you will need at least one day for Santiago alone) the different places. Some must-sees : Finisterre or Fisterra (the end of the world), Cambados (with its absolutely wonderful wine, the Albariņo), Coruņa and the Hercules Tower, beaches like La Lanzada, the Arosa fjord, eating a lot of seafood... Seeing that you are leaving from Oviedo, I would try to squeeze a visit to the preromanic churches on the Naranco mountain in Oviedo (Santa Maria del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo) and to the cathedral, and drinking cider in one of the many ciderhouses. There is a nice one called Terra Astur, quite near to the cathedral (I have to look for the address, itīs someplace in my files).

I am heading to Santiago in two weeks time, for the Apostle festivities. Iīll be staying with friends, but last year my sister stayed at a hotel near the old town called Virxe da Cerca and she loved it.

Here you have a few URLs :

Regards from Covadonga Bilbao - Spain