Subject: Alaskan cruises
World Explorer Alaskan cruises seem to be loved by everyone who takes them. I know some Ziners have been on them more than once. We have friends, also, who swear by them. I am not sure about average age that goes on them--it might be older than Ziner who inquired. I do know that a travel agent friend tried recently to book clients on one of the WE cruises this summer and found them to be almost fully booked---almost no open cabins. So, if you want to do a WE Alaskan tour, I suggest booking long in advance. Another company whose small-ship tours to Alaska are highly recommended is Cruise West. A few years ago we went with your standard big cruise line and had a wonderful time; however, if I were to do it again, I would definitely use a small-ship line. Cruising from Vancouver to Alaska is magnificent---gorgeous scenery! Cheers, Pat in Baltimore