Subject: World Explorer Cruises

We have been on the World Explorer Cruises Alaska trip 4 times. I have a review written that does not have a URL, so if you want to read it, I will be glad to send it to you as a Word Document. It covers a lot more than what I am saying here.

The age of the passengers varies from infants to very old. (there is a Junior Cruisers program that was so fabulous the children were lined up at the door waiting for the teacher to return from her meals!!)

This summer there was a 2 year old (our grandchild) up to some older than we are. The best features, for us, are classical and semi classcical entertainment, education on Alaska by college professors, other education by professionals in the respective fields, and even beginning computer training, a reserch type library of over 12,000 volumes, no gambling or glitzy floor shows, and great food and wonderful crew.

We are going on this ship again this winter and next year and have been on it for 100 days around the world.

The URL for the cruise line is

Gretchen, SC