Subject: RE: Galicia
Hi Niko, I still have to find out about the train service between Porto and Galicia, but I´ll manage (still don´t know how...).

I remember that you wanted to experiment something different to Portugal and you were looking for some mountains. Galicia is a country with plenty of hills, but unless you go to the Ancares region (in the province of Lugo), you won´t find very big mountains. For that purpose, Oviedo and its region, Asturias, would suit you better.

But... (there is always a but). You only have roughly 4 days from your last day in Portugal to your departure from La Coruña or Oviedo. That won´t give you a lot of time to visit Galicia, and it would rush you across different places.

What I would do : train to Santiago (if possible) instead of Vigo. Vigo is an industrial city and navigating thru it can be tricky (I have done it). The train station in Santiago is very near the historical centre, so you could drop your luggage at the hotel (I like two places belonging to Pousadas de Compostela : Virxe da Cerca and San Clemente, I´ll look for the URL), and begin to enjoy the town. October is a good month, because the students have come back from the summer holidays, and it is very lively. I would spend a couple of nights in Santiago, maybe one day visiting the town and another day visiting the Rias Baixas region, places like Arosa, O Grove with La Toja spa (too expensive), or Cambados. Or heading towards Finisterre. And then, another day, I would head up towards the Rias Altas. Different to the Atlantic Coast, this is the Cantabric Sea. Go to places like Cedeira (tasty barnacles), San Andres de Teixido, Pontedeume, Betanzos... And finishing in A Coruña. Stay there, and leave from its airport.

I hope I haven´t confused you. And have a glass of Albariño while you are there (try the Santiago Ruiz, or Terras Gaudas).

Regards from Covadonga Bilbao - Spain