Subject: Argentina and the Falls
John, We were down in Argentina two years ago. We did fly quite a bit internally. It seemed that then Aero Argentina had a monopoly on the internal routes and no one has had flights. Therefore, they could control the prices. Beware that there are two airports in Buenos Aires. One is for international flights and the other is for National flights. We were going to both quite regularly as our trip included flights in and out of Brazil. The internal flights are not very punctual. We waited over two and 1/2 hours for one flight to Iguasu and longer returning. There is no rhyme or reason, it just happens, it seems.

Taxis are metered and regulated, so we did not feel we were ripped off in anyway, leaving Ezeiza International. However, to save money, there are Taxi Bus Stands that are all within a $1.00 of each other and will take you to the major hotels downtown for a lot cheaper.
>From one major hotel, we took a taxi to our hotel.

Our hotel was a wonderful little place off of a side street. Authenic Argentina with little balconies and only $50. a night for 2. I will try to look up the name for you. One of the desk clerks took a liking to us and gave us a radio to use in the room so that we should listen to tango music while in the room. I cannot remember it at the moment. You DO not want a hotel on the Avenida. It is the world's widest street. Argentines love their horns and they use them indiscriminately. Our first hotel was a block away and the noise was so bad, I had to move the next day.

If you are intending on going into Brazil, even to just see the Falls from the Brazil side, you will need a visa. The visa two years ago was $60.00. We went to two travel agencies in Iguasu to see if we could book a tour without the visa, but we could not. We did book the tour for the Argentine side only as we did not want to spend $120.00 just to see the falls from the other side. We would have if we had not booked all of our flights already and could have stayed in Brazil for longer than a couple of hours. Close to the falls on either side is more expensive than other places.

The Argentine peso is one to one with the American dollar, though they are just now have an economy crash. I do not know how this will effect the exchange.

Our city tour guide warned us about parts of the Boca area, saying there is a very high crime rate for residents as well as tourists and pointed out just how far to go without being concerned. It is definitely worth seeing. If you are going to Evita's grave, it is in a HUGE cemetary and you have to hunt for it. We thought it would stand out and be a real tourist attraction. It is integrated with all of the others and it was difficult to find as everyone we asked gave different directions. The museums in the area are worth seeing and there is a wonderful park with a large statue of Evita across from the Hard Rock Cafe. The park is lovely for a rest.

If you have other questions, just ask. Ryan James Modesto, CA