Subject: Argentina & Domestic Air Travel
Hello John I am Guillermo Gonzalez from Bs As, Argentina.

1) airlines Argentine Airlines is in bad situation, most of flights have been discontinued and even the airline may go or broke or nobody knows what will happen.

So you should plan yr trips with Lapa and Southern Wings, but you will have no problems with them, specially if you can make reservations with SW it will be better. SW is a small company but has good planes, Canadian airliner for 50 seats only and rather new. The only problem is that they are mostly full.

Any place you go, you have to return Bs As, there are almost no connections between other places.

Iguazu falls, Puerto madryn to see the whales, Bariloche ( beautiful place sky resorts and so on) , Calafate with the Glacier are most recomended places for a short stay. SW by the way flies Bs As - Bariloche-Calafate in the same route ( you can check in detail in or ).

2) I don't know the hotel you mentioned, the price looks quite good. Can you say again the name ? El centro is downtown, and the location is very good ( 9 de julio y Cordoba is perfect convenient for anything).

If you need any other advise, I'll be glad to answer .

Best regards Guillermo in Buenos Aires