Subject: Buenos Aires: Airport to downtown
Hi John,

1) Location of your hotel. I do not know the hotel but the rate sounds very reasonable . 9 de julio and Cordoba is in the center of town, and I believe it is a good location near everything.

2) Buenos Aires has changed a lot, security wise, it used to be, only a few years back, a city where a woman could walk at 2AM alone anyplace, but now situation has deteriorated. how much...? I am not sure but you certainly have to check with the hotel front desk if you plan to walk back to hotel at night etc.

3) Taxis. Taxi situation has also deteriorated. Nowadays there are some taxis called bandits' which are not real taxis, although they look like taxis and better keep off them.... ( taxis are yellow) so as far as I know, this is what most locals do:

Instead of taxis they rely on Remises, there are many remise companies, once you get the telephone number of a good one, you call it ahead for all transportation's. Remises are a car with a chauffeur, they are polite, reliable, and a little cheaper than taxis. ( can get you a number if you wish) Even if you call a remise from a remote location, let us say, from a suburban location, they will go all the way and only charge you one way. That much they want your business.

4) There is one huge radio taxi company, which operates more or less like a remise, you have to call them too. One of their taxis will pick you up in 3 or 4 minutes... They star with a minimum charge of aprox. 1.40 they are extremely good and you end up paying probably less than with a remise. Their name and phone I will give them to you on a later posting because I do not remember them now.

5) some locals when in a hurry told me they stop a taxi on the street checking first that it is a radio taxi.They do this by looking at the sign on the taxi's door. This is a little more risky I guess, I have done it though and also worked perfectly.

6) In Perspective : do not panic, Buenos Aires is not Prague taxi wise. Most taxis even those on the street are ok. But....just in case I would stick to the calling a remise system or the big taxi company whose name I shall give you later.

7) From the airport to downtown , do not take any taxi at any, I repeat any airport in Buenos Aires, ( there are two airpots one for local flights plus flights from Uruguay and the further away International airport). In my opinion there are only two solutions from the airports to town: 1) go to a booth in the airport and ask for a remise at a prefixed price. or 2) take the bus, I believe tickets are sold also at a booth in the Airport. Check however where the bus will leave you, for from your hotel ? etc etc Because if you need to take a taxi from the place the bus is going to leave will facethe problem of not taking any taxi....and would have to call a remise or a reliable taxi.

3) Now to go from your hotel to the airport, you can call either the remise company or the big taxi company. Probably they will charge a little less than the remise company located in a booth at the airport.

Any questions? take care, Graziella