Subject: Agriturismo in Campania
Hi everyone,

If I had only one agriturismo that I could recommend to all of my friends as a place not to miss, I would have to choose La Fenice in Positano, with Malvarina in Umbria coming in a close second. I have been to La Fenice five times in the past ten or so years, and have sent numerous family members and friends, one of whom was there two weeks ago. It is the most wonderful place, and no one has ever been disappointed. Constantino and Angela Mandara are fantastic hosts, and their warmth and effort are evident everywhere.

For more information about it, please check out Karen Brown's website. It is under the section on country bed and breakfasts. Positano is my favorite of the beach towns in Campania, and La Fenice is a wonderful, reasonably priced way to enjoy the wonders of Positano. The only caveat to Fenice, and Positano in general, is that you have to be ready to climb many, many steps in order to enjoy it (unless you want to spend big $$$$ and stay at a hotel with an elevator to the beach).

Sadly, La Fenice is no longer a well kept secret, as it was featured in a Fodor's picture book on the Amalfi Coast a year or two ago, but the prices are still the same (about $90/US per night). It is harder to get a reservation there and there are more Americans as opposed to Italians staying there, but it is still a wonderful, magical place. (with Ducks, Goats, cats, dogs, and all sorts of other wildlife discreetly on the property as well)

best wishes from NY Jonathan Chimene