Subject: New Ziners - Just in time for the Saturday's GTG - Toronto
We just discovered the Travelzine web site and wrote to Linda and Don complimenting them on a delightful web site, beautifully conceived and warmly executed. What a great way to be able to extend a vacation with an outlet for all those stories. Our own travel journals are filled to the brim with wonderful experiences but nobody reads them except us!!!!

A brief introduction:

We are Felice & Simon, from Toronto (formerly Montreal) who, for the past 10 years, consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to travel about 4 times a year with Europe in the fall as the primary trip. We tend to see a place once and return if we want to dig deeper. We have visited France & Italy several times and Spain & Morocco, once. We have fallen in love with Tuscany and will be returning for the 5th time this September.

Our primary love is food & wine with photography being my passion. We have driven miles out of our way for exceptional tastes, i.e.: the best 'Bufala' Mozzarella in Italy (Battipaglia, south of Naples) or the premier sausage maker (Falorni - in Greve in Chianti). And we have come close to divorce as Simon waits in the car while I take those special pictures of hilltop villages, such as Pitigliano, in the late afternoon - Magnificent!! We spend many months in the planning of a trip, trying to find all the local festivals, especially those related to food, wine, and local culture.

What captured us most is the warm sharing that seems evident in the pictures on the web sight and the e-mails that we have been reading since joining. Since we usually travel alone and very often rent an apartment in the Tuscan countryside, we often lack meaningful conversation with others. We have learned that spending time with local people is the best way to begin to understand a country and culture. We also would love to share travel experiences with other travellers.

We hope to be active and participatory members, and to meet with many of you on Saturday, or on future travel occasions.

Best regards Felice and Simon Toronto