Subject: France, Italy & Spain
My husband and I and four kids (ages 4-18) just returned from a whirlwind 11 days in France, Italy, and Spain. Although we made a few mistakes (two consecutive nights sleeping on trains, not recommended, even though we bathed in the Mediterranean that day) no one got lost and we came home short only one guidebook and my contact lenses case.

Despite the strong dollar, Italy was still quite expensive. Spain, as always, a bargain, and France relatively cheap. The weather in Rome was intolerable (even for a native midwesterner) and by the time we left Venice, several of us were seriously decorated with mosquito bites.

I made all the airline and hotel reservations online, and those all worked out fine. (This had not been my experience in the past in this country.) We had many magical moments, and my two teens both want to go back and spend more time when they're in college.

I appreciate all the advice and support provided by Ziners.

JoAnne in Silicon Valley/San Francisco