Subject: Shenandoah Valley & food
Hi Niven,

Great. Skyline Drive is $10 I think to drive along it, and has a speed limit of 30 or 25. The Blue Ridge Parkway (which is an extenstion of the Skyline Drive, or rather vice versa) is free and is 45 mph. Try to do a bit of one of them. And do try some of the places at When I'm in the States I try to eat the food I can't get here, which is usually rural American food, which also has the advantage of being cheap!

Also make sure you stop at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant some time. Good food, very nice ambience, and the shop, although touristy, is great. Shoney's is good for very cheap (less than five bucks) buffet breakfasts, wouldn't necessarily recommend them for other meals. And if you like chicken, a great fast food place is Chick-Fil-A.

Another good food site is http://w, which is discussion boards. A review site for food and everything else you can think of is If you are interested in chain restaurant sites (who knows, maybe you are!), I can tell you some.

And if you like pancakes, do make sure you find an Original House of Pancakes. Their pancakes are fantastic. Try their sourdough. They've go a website which gives locations.