Subject: Trip Report part 3 Delphi-Galaxidi
Tuesday dawned bright and sunny. Resisting the temptation to rush back to Ancient Delphi to repeat all my photos of the day before, we had breakfast and checked out. Armed with the names of some of Mr. Droseros fellow hoteliers in Meteora we set off in high-spirits to catch our bus.

The driver made several stops to drop people off in villages along the way and another in the town of Amfissa where we were to change buses. At this point I discovered that my camera bag with all my equipment was no longer on the bus. I was in shock, I just couldn't believe it had disappeared. Jean wanted to abandon the journey to Meteora but I knew she considered it a highlight of the trip so I convinced her to go on. By the time we reached Lamia she had changed my mind and we retraced our route to Delphi. As the shock wore off we figured the best plan would be to go back to Athens where I would at least have the option of replacing the equipment. I phoned the Adams from the bus station in Amfissa and fortunately they had a room available for the next day. Rather than go back to Delphi we caught a bus to Galaxidi.

Galaxidi is reputedly the prettiest town on the Bay of Itea and just what I needed to restore my equilibrium. Thanking Heaven for the inventor of the wheeled suitcase we trekked around looking for somewhere to stay. After a few false starts we came upon a newly renovated guest house above The Cafe Liberty taverna with views over the harbour. Dumping our suitcases we went for a long walk around the waterfront. A couple of scruffy dogs followed and I discovered the origin of the expression 'dogged ones footsteps'. They walked when we did, stopped when we did and settled down at our feet as we sat on a bench looking out to sea. There were very few boats or people around we listened to the birds and the water gently lapping at our feet, It was utterly peaceful as the stars came out, just what I needed after a stressful day.

After dinner I found an internet cafe, looked up the website for Canon Greece and made note of their address in Athens. We didn't want to leave next day but by now I was determined to replace the camera, lenses, filters etc and not let a lack of attention on my part ruin our trip. I was 'back in the saddle'.

We spent most of Wednesday on buses to Athens and were surprised to feel quite so happy to see the Adams family, they really are very nice people so long as you don't have to rely on them for information. The first camera shop I tried had closed at 4.00p.m. I would have to try again tomorrow, Thursday May 17th. Sue