Subject: Logan Airport to Dennisport Driving Time
The one hour, forty-two minute driving time is probably an optimum time. I would anticipate 2.5 hours and then hope for the best. Saturday evenings usually bring lighter traffic to Cape Cod, but you can never tell who will run into whom and completely foul up the roads. From Boston south to the Braintree split (the intersection of Interstates 95 and 93 and the old Route 128 where the signage completely fools the locals) you should do just fine. Then for several miles on Route 3, the road is three lanes on your side. It will decrease to two lanes where use of the breakdown lane is authorized for travel only during certain commuter rush hours. However, a good number of our commuters have reading disabilities, so if you see someone driving in the breakdown lane do not be surprised, just say a silent prayer. The road will remain two lanes until you get to the Sagamore Bridge. If there is any traffic, it usually lightens up south of Plymouth. Watch that fork to the left and stay to the right. At the Sagamore Bridge there may be a mile or less back up. Stay in the right lane; it moves faster. Once on the bridge or over it, move to the left lane. There is a fast merge from the right and usually those drivers have had to suffer a backup along the canal and by the time they are merging with you on Route 6 they have completely lost their sense of humor. From there on to the Dennisport exit, you will do just fine. The posted speed limit is 55 MPH, but the last person to actually go that slow in Massachusetts is enshrined in a museum in Boston. You can go 65 MPH without worry. If there is one, then the speed trap will be at the rest area just beyond Exit 6. Since this is your first time to driving in Massachusetts, you may want to review a couple of rules. Never look at the other driver if you are both going for the same spot for he who looks loses. Common vulgar gestures to other drivers who cut you off are taken in stride unless you get lost and wind up in South Boston. Boston drivers (and the rest of the populace) never pronounce R's so if you have to ask directions (God forbid) then drop all those R's. (It is Pahk the Cah in Havahd Yahd; a little practice makes perfect).

Today, a garbage truck caught fire and they closed Route 3 south for about 2 hours. There are people out there who will probably be there until winter. Seriously, if you have any problems, send me a private email and I will try to help. :) Tom