Subject: Polo in Buenos Aires
Hi John, Although I used to live a couple of blocks from the Polo fields on Av del Libertador, - a wide and important avenue- I am not sure. If our Portenos friends do not give you the information, I shall try to find out. Sometimes there are matches during Sunday Mornings.

That is an interesting and good choice from you, do not go to a football (soccer) match unless some local takes you.

The two main polo fields are beautiful and very well kept, they are located as I mentioned on Avenida del Libertador, in the heart of Palermo, Palermo there is a beautiful park, rather big, with the same name. This park has a lovely lake,( boats can be rented) there are many beautiful statues, including an original Balzac by Rodin . The Zoo is near Palermo, there are bicycle tracks, ( bicycles can be rented making a lovely paseo on a week end) and jogging tracks, and many confiterias ( places to have tea, cappuccino, snacks etc) and restaurants. Inside Palermo there are also several sport clubs, the Club Aleman de Equitacion, where our oldest daughter used to ride horses, and the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club, where all our family used to play tennis. There are several others including a golf club.

Not far is the US Embassy ( the residence of the Ambassador), it is an impressive French style property ,...Anecdote: sometimes at the little hair style saloon where I used to go a couple of blocks from my home, the US Ambassador used to show up for a hair cut.....I twas rather unsual because his secret service men stayed around by the door...

Av. Libertador is a long avenue also and goes from Palermo to downtown and from Palermo into the suburbs.

It is as I said wide (very wide,..) and the traffic is frantic. If you ever wish to cross it by foot, wait for the green light and without missing a second star running, please hurry up...I mean hurry up....

Across the avenue from the polo fields there is a beautiful horse race track. I think there are races all week ends and sometimes during the week too. Buenos Aires has another important horse race track in San Isidro.

One thing not to be missed,: is to attend the Teatro Colon, the Opera House . It is absolutely beautiful , Portenos ( this is the way the locals are called) love music, I have stayed in line hours to get tickets for important events, some people are real fanatics and sometimes stay all night to be among the first next morning at the ticket booth.

The Teatro Colon offers guided tours . Which are very interesting.

During Summer time there are free concerts ( classic music )on many of the city beautiful parks.

...well it seems that with this polo question I got carried away with a popurri of items,.... hope they are of any use.

Graziella, Miami Beach.