Subject: Herm in the Channel Islands
Just back from a week in Northern Michigan and saw a reference to Herm. . . .yes, go there!! It is absolutely one of our favorite islands in the whole world (and we have been to a lot of them.) There is something enchanting and appealing about the tiny island with lovely beaches, cliffs, walks, hills, a small very Mediterranean-looking village, restaurants, a pub, a few beach cafes in remote locations, and plenty of self-catering accommodations to rent (in addition to the hotel.), ranging from small apartments to large individual houses. All are rented from the family that has the rights to Herm, granted by the Queen of England many years ago. We have found that there seem to be some sort of accommodations available much of the time when we have inquired a few weeks ahead of time. One can also stay on Guernsey and take the frequent short ferry ride over to Herm. There is a very complete website: I recommend Herm! Cheers, Pat in Baltimore