Subject: Re: Hilton Head-Savannah
I'm way behind on reading the list so I just saw your message this morning. I can't help you with Hilton Head, but I was in Savannah and Charleston this April. Spring is a beautiful time of year to visit this area. We stayed at the Days Inn in both cities (both in perfect locations) so I don't have any B&B suggestions. I can give you some ideas about things to do though. If you are only spending one day in Charleston, you will want to spend your time in the Historic District. There are several walking tour companies and it is a great way to see the area (we took a general tour of the Historic District and a ghost tour). We also took a carriage ride when we arrived which was a great way to get an overview. Make sure to go down to the Battery. There are several house museums to visit and we were particularly impressed with the Edmonston-Alson House. There are a lot of good restaurants in the area and we had a particularly memorable lunch and dinner (we went back because it was so good) at Poogan's Porch. We also went to visit a plantation from Charleston. There are four in the area and each is supposed to be very different from the others. We went to Middleton Place and it was beautiful and interesting.

Savannah also has some great walking tours, carriage rides, and trolley tours (where you can buy a ticket for the day and get on and off the trolley at different points). Like Charleston, the Historic District is where you will spend your time and it is a great area for walking. There are the River Street (shops and restaurants on a walk along the river) and City Market areas too. Savannah also has house museums (I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Juliette Gordon Low House since I was never a very good Girl Scout!) and a wonderful small museum called the Telfair Museum of Art. You can also do specific tours of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil spots (it is good to have read the book before going to Savannah but it is not essential). There are lots of good restaurants, some of which were made famous by the book. The Lady and Sons has an amazing buffet (same food at lunch and dinner but cheaper at lunch) and Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House is definitely an experience. If you want a truly outstanding (but expensive) meal, don't miss Elizabeth on 37th Street.

Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you want more specific information or have any questions.

Jamie Natick, MA