Subject: UK trip
Here are some things to do in the UK

- Hampton Court: When the tide is high you can come to Hampton Court by ship from Westminster Bridge. I've done the trip as far as Kew Gardens last time I was in London - I like relaxing that way after half a day running thru London... When I was in Hampton Court ten years ago the thing I liked best were the kitchens (!). The only time I learnt so many things about the life in a castle - I liked the kitchens much more than the castle itself.

- Don't forget the new Tate Modern on Southbank opposite the city!

- Perhaps you'd like to try London walks - - seems to be a good

- If you're there in the summer months try to get a ticket for the Proms (promenade concerts) held in the Royal Albert Hall I got a ticket for a late concert (10 pm) for about 10 pounds - great!!! I just booked by phone. The best information is the magazine called Time Out where you can find concerts, theatres, music clubs etc. with the up-to-date programme and the telephone numbers.

- My last tip is about Manchester: If you like theatre, don't miss the Royal Exchange. The old (classicistian - right word?) exchange hall has been turned into a theatre - by building up a round theatre room with three levels out of glass and colourful steel in the middle of the hall - I saw King Lear there and it was simply great!

Hope the tips will help you - and that you find out some new things