Subject: Miltenberg and Michelstadt
Hi Amelia, I was the one who mentioned these two tiny towns lately.Here are some short notes:

Miltenberg is one of the more picturesque small towns of the Franconia region, bordering two wooded areas ( Spessart and Odenwald), it's called the pearl of the Main.Its Markt is one of the most cosy city squares in Germany. The same can be stated about Michelstadt, which boasts one of the most ancient city halls in Germany(1484),and a great number of gothic graves of the earls of Erbach in the church of St:Michael. Erbach, 3 kms south of Michelstadt, is the site of the castle of the aforementioned earls. Amorbach, 10 kms SE of Miltenberg, hosts a masterpiece of rococo decoration inside the abbey church( great organ,too). More sights are NE of Michelstadt on the Strasse der Residenzen, leading to Wertheim,Bronnbach,and Lohr.

I visited these places, alas, 21 years ago, but I still have clear and pleasant memories of that tour. It's a gorgeous wooded area that is definitely worth the trip, and the towns are great especially because they are entirely ( or they were in 1980) preserved as centuries ago. Something different from the old center of big modern cities. Ciao from Leonardo, in Louisiana-style hot and humid northern Italy.