Subject: Re: Rolling carry-ons

I don't know how many of you might be affected, but Lufthansa has tightened up its carryon limitations &word in the biz is that they do indeed mean business!

Now, if you show up at the security checkpoint in Frankfurt &your bag won't easily slide thru the template on the belt, your bag won't be gate-checked (the former easy out for almost-ok bags), but rather you will be sent back to the main check-in counter. Ugh.

Biz &first class: 2 carryons. Economy: 1 carryon.

Size max: 22X16X8. Fold-over garment bags: 22X21X6 Weight: 8 kilos

These are the rules at US airports as well, but how many times have you seen someone squash her carryon to fit under the template at the security belt? Or, gasp, even been guilty of same yourself?

Qantas, at some Oz airports, not only has a carryon measuring bin at checkin counters, but also a scale for weighing the carryon as well. No flexibility, either.

Look for more of this for US airports. On-time performance is compromised when travelers are trying to stuff buffaloes into overhead bins (it takes time to discover that the laws of solid geometry won't permit that animal to fit into that teeny bin, you know) &airlines would dearly love us neither to carry anything on nor to check anything! I have to admit that less hand luggage in the cabin does indeed make for less frenetic activity.

I've often imagined simply depositing items in a big box at the door of the plane as I board, &rustling thru another box at my destination to choose a like number of items formerly belonging to someone else.

None of this, however, will keep me home.

Gail In Eugene but...