Subject: RE: Backpacking alone around Australia
Hi Jo,

I've done some backpacking around Oz with my partner.

I have a female friend (in her 40's) that goes to Australia on her regular basis and has no problems travelling around alone. She usually stays at the official youth hostels (International Youth Hostel Association Members) in the dorms and meets other people in the same situation as herself. In fact the solo travellers end up meeting with a lot more people than those travelling with friends/partners. On hostel notice boards there are always messages for people to share a rental car, lift offers etc.

I am a member of an organisation called Women Welcome Women World Wide - its aim is not for a cheap holiday (free accomm) but to foster interenational friendship by enabling women of different countries to visit one another. If you're interested in meeting members where you travel then it may be worth joining (20 pounds).

If you're interested on doing volunteer work in Oz I can also provide information on this as it's a good way to meet up with fellow travellers.

Are you young enough to obtain a young persons working visa for Oz ? (easy if under 26 and possible but more hassle if under 30) - as there's plenty of work available for travellers.

Another tip - obtain a Youth Hostel Membership card it saves you a lot of money (hostel discounts, reduced train fare, greyhound coach discount, ferry discount etc).

Please feel free to ask any questions.