Subject: Backpacking around Australia alone
Hello Jo, As a Sydneysider, and a traveller both inside and outside my own country, I would have no hesitation in advising you to travel this country on your own. As with the other suggestions, you will find that our Backpacker and Youth Hostels are filled with a variety of people from a broad range of age groups and I doubt that it will take you any time at all to meet up with others to share travel experiences. I own a few camping stores on the northern beaches of Sydney and employ quite a few travellers from the local backpackers, so I'm constantly hearing great travel stories, and of friendships formed. Australia certainly has its drug problems, but like elsewhere in the world, these areas are usually avoided by the average traveller. If you would like any suggestions about accommodation in Sydney, please contact me as I would be only too happy to help. The bus Tour companies are a great way to get around the country, the distances between our capital cities are vast, so even some of my young Australian staff take holidays this way. Australia is a long way to come for a holiday, but once you see our beaches and feel the sunshine you wont regret the flying time. Have fun! Michelle Stewart