Subject: Re: fall visit to Chicago
Hello Debbie,

I second Judy's recommendation to take one or more of the Chicago Architectural Center walking tours. I've always enjoyed the downtown skyscraper tours, although I'm not sure if they still include some of the older smaller buildings, such as the Rookery, the Marquette building, and the Carson Pirie store. These should be looked at with or without the tour guides. The Frank Lloyd Wright studio tour is also great, but you will have to get out to Oak Park, which is a little bit of a trek. It can be done though, even on public transportation, (you may write back if you want more specific directions.) Once in Oak Park, there is also a self-guided walking tour of his old neighborhood, where he designed and built dozens of homes, as well as the Unity Temple. This is still a working church, and the hours for visiting are somewhat limited, so it's best to call ahead. Finally, it is not as macabre as it might sound, but the cemetery tours are fascinating. My favorite is Graceland Cemetery, with very interesting history and architecture.

On Sunday mornings there is a pretty good street market, with a predominantly Mexican flair. It is referred to by its old name, the Maxwell St. Market, even though it is now located on Canal, on the stretch south of Roosevelt Road. Apart from the usual flea market goods, there is good, out-of-the-ordinary street food, mostly Mexican.