Subject: Re: Buenos Aires
Hello all and Graziella in particular.

Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I've been on the road.

And sure Graziella I'd love to have you look into the hotel but please don't go out of your way. We'll be staying at the Best Western Embassy Address: Avenida Cordoba 860, Buenos Aires, Argentina Telephone: 54-11-43221228.

The only other issue you could investigate for us regards domestic air travel. In particular, flights from BA to Iguasu; BA to Puerto Madryn; and flights from Puerto Madryn to El Calafate. Perhaps you (or your daughter) might be able to recommend a travel agent in BA who can help us sort out these domestic flights. Of these flights our difficulty lies in trying to get to Puerto Madryn from Iguasu in one day; and finding a flight from Puerto Madryn to El Calafate without returning to BA.

Please don't go to too much trouble over this. I've investigated the various airlines and have pretty well determined that we'll be buying all of our flights once we get there. Unfortunately, we aren't eligible for the internal passes available on Aerolineas Argentinas because we are using American Airlines frequent flier miles to get down there. But then again Aerolineas Argentinas are in such a sorry state the other airlines may be preferable.

Will you be accessing the Travelzine while down there?

I'd love to hear from you while you're down there.

Best regards, John Rule in San Diego