Subject: Amalfitan coast
Hi Ziners,

I'm just returned from a week trip along the Amalfitan coast (Italy). The coast is a really lovely area! If you'll just get off from the main touristy streets in Positano and more in Amalfi and walk around narrow streets/stairs just by the main street, you find the real Amalfitan coast with no tourists at all and you can meet many locals willing to talk to you (if you can speak Italian :)

During my visit to Ravello (a lovely town up to an hill not far from Amalfi), walking in a narrow street, a woman started to talk to me and, eventually, she invited me in her home for a cold drink: it was highly appreciated in that hot afternoon (32C)!

Even though touristy towns are expensive (especially Positano), if you just turn the corner of a not touristy street, you find cheap shops (bakeries, patisseries, restaurants,...). More cheap that in many not touristy towns in northern Italy!

Limoncello (a liquor by lemon) is wonderful too :))

Enjoy your stay in the Amalfitan coast as I did!

Marco in Milan - Italy